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No prayers for the victims of Ebola 2,793 views
Fire kills at least 33 in Japanese animation studio 9,313 views
Boris Johnson rules out Nigel Farage alliance in final Tory hustings 11,363 views
WHO declares Ebola outbreak in DR Congo 'a global emergency' 98,483 views
Activist Greta Thunberg warns politicians not to be 'greatest villains' 5,530 views
Would a nationwide bottle return scheme work for the UK? 4,851 views
New European Commission president offers hope and warning over Brexit deal 11,360 views
The future of our oceans 2,412 views
London Bridge attackers 'lawfully killed' by police 16,034 views
Nasa: The next person on the moon will be a woman 5,719 views
England Celebrates: scenes outside Lord's after historic victory 23,234 views
Labour MP: Party near tipping point over antisemitism row 15,853 views
Gina Miller criticised for trying to 'derail' Brexit 31,227 views
'Businesses just want to know what to do' 12,061 views
Gina Miller launches legal fight to stop no deal Brexit 43,039 views
Iran and UK talk over solutions for tanker row 19,647 views
Exclusive: Business Secretary Greg Clark on a no deal Brexit 6,703 views
Historians excavate Battle of Waterloo site in Belgium 6,774 views
Ocasio Cortez speaks to congress over conditions at US border for migrants 9,780 views
Back-to-back heatwaves kill 70% of Chagos islands' coral 3,176 views
Warships arrive in the Gulf as UK-Iran tensions rise 72,121 views
Should Kim Darroch have stood down? | The Pledge 15,420 views
Do we need to protect "Generation Porn"? | The Pledge 17,729 views
Is Trump's new space race all about ego? | The Pledge 15,027 views
Was Cori Gauff under too much pressure at Wimbledon? | The Pledge 8,728 views
Has Meghan Markle's desire for privacy gone too far? | The Pledge 62,679 views
Labour antisemitism row: 30 whisteblowers come forward 3,404 views
'Significant' bullying and harassment in Commons 1,532 views
Iran tensions: The difficulties of protecting oil routes 7,764 views
Tommy Robinson sent back to jail for contempt of court 41,064 views